Taurus Woman And Capricorn Man

Just like the Taurus man and Capricorn woman, Capricorn man and Taurus woman can be perfect soul mates. Sharing most of the personality traits common to them, a few inconsistencies do not matter at all. While her love and loyalty will keep him relaxed and happy, his caring and loving nature will keep her happy throughout the life.

She knows exactly how to seduce her Capricorn man and he knows how to make the Taurus woman feel that he is the most important part of her life. She never feels lonely with the Capricorn man as he is always there to lend his shoulders to lean upon. In fact, the love duo is one of the best matches on the earth. Neither of the partners will jump into the love fray impulsively and courtships are usually long. But once they get into the relationship, it will be hardest to break.


Capricorn man is strongly ambitions as well as determined and is very practical. At times he may be considered ruthless and selfish by others but the good thing is that he is extremely protective about his Taurus woman and goes to a great length to take care which the Taurus woman will always love as it gives her the much desired security. A graceful damsel, the Taurus woman keeps her life in real impeccable order. Her calm and collected nature contributes to a very large extent to this situation. She takes love affairs seriously and is down to earth in approach. This is usually the attitude that the Capricorn man loves a lot.

She is his ideal mate for lasting and highly satisfying relationship. Her artistic touches combined with his practical approach makes a great love life which is most desirable for the man. Since both are serious people they remain devoted to each other through life and all its ups and downs cementing the relationship with an everlasting bond of attachment. Initially the Capricorn man may look a bit colder and selfish but once the inner softness is exposed, he becomes the man cherished by his Taurus woman mate. Only problem is that Capricorn man is not expressive and may find difficult displaying his true love for the Taurus woman. Such minor setbacks can be easily sorted out. Since both are earthy and less verbal in nature, the sexual relationship between the Taurus woman and Capricorn man will always focus on the physical expressions of love and though neither will display overtly the emotions, the approach would be fairly subtle making their love life exotic.

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